• Truffles - The Divine Earth

The Divine Earth
Sergio Rossi

Why is the Italian truf e so loved and well-known around the world?
What are the characteristics that make it so precious and desirable? Many questions come to mind when speaking of truf es.
In this book, Sergio Rossi, in the style of an expert on the history of food and wine traditions, guides us through an all-embracing journey through the salient aspects of the trufle as a protagonist at the table, the history that has de ned its popularity and importance, and its use in cooking.
The relationship man-dog-truf e is determining.
Man is the holder of in nite knowledge, handed down and safeguarded from one generation to another, that knowledge which investigates the secrets of nature and tries to read its signs and eccentricities.
The dog, driven by his love for his owner, contributes with his extraordinary sense of smell.
The prize for both is the fruit of the earth...

Truffles - The Divine Earth
ISBN:  978-88-6373-134-7
Pagine:  224
Formato:  24x30
Anno:  2011
Note:  A Man, a Dog, and the Search for Truf es in the Italian Countryside A journey into the world of Italian truf es: history, trivia and recipes to know all the nuances of the universe surrounding these remarkable fruits of the earth

Truffles - The Divine Earth
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