Pasta in Liguria (EDIZIONE IN INGLESE)
Pasta in Liguria (EDIZIONE IN INGLESE)

Pasta in Liguria (EDIZIONE IN INGLESE)
History tradition today
Sergio Rossi

Pasta has been a symbol of the Ligurian gastronomic heritage for over eight centuries. Generations of fidelari and vermicellai have contributed in forming a culture around this key ingredient of the Mediterranean diet.
From a small village in the Ligurian Mountains, this is a story of the rich history of Pasta in Liguria, through personal testimonies, declarations and recipes.

A tale of how certain familys’ destinies are often inextricably intertwined in this rich pasta-making patrimony, for centuries playing an important role in this sector by creating a product of undisputed excellence.
In a region of sea and mountains, we learn how pasta unites communities and palates, and accompanies Ligurian cuisine towards an even brighter future.

Pasta in Liguria (EDIZIONE IN INGLESE)
ISBN:  978-88-6373-418-8
Pagine:  160
Formato:  17x22 cm
Anno:  2016

Pasta in Liguria (EDIZIONE IN INGLESE)
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