Andy Warhol

Pop Identities
Curated by Maurizio Vanni

This is the catalogue of the exhibition Andy Warhol Pop Art Identities, dedicated to the famous American artist Andy Warhol and brings together more than 130 works of art and frame of his original films.
The exhibition aims to re-read Warhol’s artistic journey from two specific points: his desire to transform his weaknesses into strengths and his ambition to be seen as a witness to his “here and now”, including through what could define his “fluid identity “.

More than 130 artworks-among the most representative of the artist’s corpus-make us understand how Warhol’s ideas obscured precise creative strategies. In some cases, they were nourished by chance and conceal a kind of assumption of fate, a mysterious and unthinkable force that governs existence.
To be sure of being a tool that projects all things in their essence into a favorable randomness and, above all, shows them in a new light, Warhol stopped drawing and painting and developed personal artistic techniques capable of guaranteeing uniqueness in seriality and the artwork of his “authenticity”. One of the many contradictions of him, which will make him famous, is called by most “earthly genius”, the dominant figure of the Pop Art movement and one of the most influential artists of the 20
th century.

The exhibition is produced by MetaMorfosi and presented by GC Events under the scientific direction of Maurizio Vanni.

Anno: 2021 Lingua: Inglese / Francese / Tedesco
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